How to Get the Perfect Fit

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Tips on How to Measure Your Ring Size

  • To measure your finger from home the above PDF can be printed by selecting the top right “pop out” icon. Remember to make sure your printer is set at 100% scale in your printer settings so the document is printed to the correct size. If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected]
  • For the best results, have a professional jeweler measure your finger in the band width you are interested in purchasing.
  • Finger size changes slightly as a result of temperatures. Your finger will be bigger in warmer temperature and smaller in colder temperature. You will want to take your ring measurement when your body temperature and weather temperature is as neutral as possible.
  • You should take your ring measurement multiple times just to be sure. If you’re in between sizes, you should go with the larger size.
  • Wider band widths will fit tighter. For example, If you are sized with an 8mm and want a 10mm we recommend going up a half size.  
  • We always offer free exchanges so never worry!

How your ring should fit

  • It should be able to slide past your knuckle with a slight resistance. The ideal fit will feel snug over the knuckle with little to no pressure as the ring sits in place.
  • It should rest comfortably without pressure when you bend your finger.
  • Your ring should have slight movement and play, this will allow for swelling and contracting of your fingers throughout the day.

Ring Size Conversion Chart

We always recommend visiting your local jeweler or department store to be sized correctly if you do not know your ring size. Please be sized for the same size band width you intend on purchasing. 

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