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Experience the Difference of Core Carbon Rings



 Oct 9, 2020

Comfortable fit and I love the color when it’s glowing!


Aug 23, 2020

 I bought this ring for my husband bc he wanted a black band and loves cars so I figured carbon fiber would be the way to go. The delivery was really quick, it’s amazing quality and was such an ease to work with them. Oh and my husband loves his ring!


Sep 26, 2020

A bit loose on my husband’s finger but the finish and quality are great. I did not expect the material to be so light but carbon fiber is supposed to be the lightest material so it was perfect. 🙂


Oct 3, 2020

Very good quality, quick shipping, and a perfect fit. This is a very nice ring!

Our Core Beginnings

All of our rings are handmade in the USA using proprietary processing technology superior to what we originally developed for NASA. We were a composite company first, the rings were created in 2009 when we were unable to find a full carbon fiber ring to purchase. Today our rings are around the world! We love being able to create a one of a kind piece of jewelry. We believe in keeping our prices affordable so everyone has the opportunity to enjoy our craft.

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